Intuitive App

We have the most INTUITIVE App for Guard, designed to be easy a friendly

  • Clock In/Out

    Super friendly app to ensure attendance control and view of your next shifts.

  • Geofencing

    Define a work perimeter for location and receive notifications for geofence violations.

  • Round Assistant

    Guide easily to ensure completion of your checkpoints, patrol or standing.

  • Scheduling

    Easy creation of shifts, schedule patrol and standing in the same calendar, and automatic notification in the update of shifts.

  • Incident Report

    Send photos, text, and voice to the client and supervisor in real-time. Editing capability.

  • Integration with Dispatch

    Direct communication via chat or phone with the dispatch team 24/7.


Simple reports to control your business

Daily Activity Report

Automatic report sent daily to your clients, text and photos. (This report is the result of the rounds of guards on patrol or standing).


Report of weekly hours worked by guard or by site, and a payroll report: rate, hours worked, and weekly payment.

GPS Tracking

Know where your guards are in real time with the exact location report with the GPS tracking tool during shift hours.

Live Dashboard

Real-time statistics to take action quickly

  • Locate your guards with GPS tracking
  • Real-time monitoring: Incident reports, late shifts, missed shifts, missed patrol, missed checkpoints, expired licenses, and request day off.
  • Map search for individual guards or sites.
  • Automatic map update.


Shift management in offline/online mode

  • Repeat shift by guard or by site.
  • Sending push notification for any update.
  • Same screen for patrol or standing shift.
  • View schedule by guard or by site.

Introducing 4Patrol


Friendly App to use with powerful tools

Email Notifications

Incident Report, Missed Checkpoint, Request Day Off, Missing Clock In, Violation geofence, Daily Activity Report, etc.

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